World’s first sassafras spirit

Evoke Spirit 700-ml bottle

Evoke: Far South Tasmania distilled

ABV: 40%

DESCRIPTION: We harness the fragrances and flavours of Tasmania’s ancient cool temperate forests to bring you a truly unique regional taste.

SPIRIT BASE: Neutral spirit from 100% Australian sugar cane.

BOTANICALS: 100% locally grown botanicals, featuring Blackheart or Southern Sassafras (Atherosperma moschatum).


Drink neat, on ice, with water or mixed to your taste.

Ever wondered if Far South Tasmania could be distilled and captured in a bottle? Wonder no more. We did it.

Evoke is a hand-crafted, small batch botanical spirit inspired by the raw and ancient wilderness of Far South Tasmania.

Distiller Martin Wohlgemuth embarked on a labour of love when he set out to see if he could capture the essence of this untamed island in a 700ml bottle. Inspired by a life-time association with and respect for Tasmania and its far south, Martin was compelled to source and experiment with the very best the area had to offer.

Evoke is created by distilling ancient native Southern Sassafras (Atherosperma moschatum) and blending it with other thoughtfully selected local botanicals and the highest quality Roaring Forties rain water. The result is a truly unique and local taste: Far South Tasmania distilled.

In keeping with Martin’s respect for this remote corner of the earth, his distillation processes are sustainable and light-touch.

To experience Evoke in its natural habitat, make the trek down south to visit us at Bakehouse Distillery in Dover, Tasmania. 

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